Current COVID 19 cases
Fri, Jan 15 1:29pm

Dear Parents,

As you may have noticed there have been a lot of emails about COVID-19 over the past few days.  At this time we have 4 confirmed cases amongst our community at the Adelphi Street campus.  One of which was from someone who has not been in the building since 12/23/2020 and deemed no risk to anyone else.   As a result of the three remaining cases we have quarantined three classes and any other potential close contacts.   The other reported cases are amongst our co-located school and building staff.
The District policy is that if there are two unconnected cases the building must close for 24 hours for an investigation.  The investigation was not completed.  Therefore we closed for an additional 24 hours.  We are still awaiting their final decision for next week. Once we hear we will let the school community know.  
When there is a potential case of COVID-19 it is called into the Situation Room and they determine our next steps.  Often, that is sending a form letter.  We ask that you report any symptoms your child may be having and continue to keep them home if they are not feeling well.
Together we can stay healthy! 
Please continue to check Konstella as this is where we will continue to communicate as this situation unfolds.
Your Admin Team
Rosa, Rosa, Bridget and Frank.