D75 Saturday Music Academy - Sign up today! STILL SPACE AVAILABLE AT SOME LOCATIONS!
Thu, Mar 30 10:39am
There are still spaces available for upcoming Saturdays in the District 75 Saturday Music Academy and the various locations. Please have your PC or other assigned staff reach out to families today and tomorrow.   Thank you!
Together, families and students will engage in music- based activities like rhythm and percussion, movement with music and/or choral experiences.


We still have space available! 


Dates: April 1, 22, 29 and May 6 

This is a 6-session course OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS in District 75

Families are to attend ALL sessions 

1 family member (over 18) must accompany the student during the program

Times: Grades K – 5:    11 am – 12 pm

             ALL AGES:   12:30 pm – 1:30 pm  


Virtual classes are 25 minutes in length at 10:30 am and 11 am.  

To register, click the location of your choice below: 


VIRTUAL https://forms.gle/1VzgAFrhmVgxMx5n8 




CO-OP City at 596X - https://forms.gle/fcVN2rs2hi45UStv9 


South Bronx at 811X – https://forms.gle/uKztxY3gszTMVHfz8 




Jamaica at 9Q - https://forms.gle/n5vtboKhYm2TbHfy7 


Belle Harbor at 256Q -  https://forms.gle/eg6m3xfkSJw6Abei8 


Long Island City at 277Q - https://forms.gle/TMNPCpkbwuZCnmyV9 




Downtown Manhattan at 94 M - https://forms.gle/p2N56j89gbB4uE3L9 


East Harlem at 138M - https://forms.gle/WdPgVMBTgyAVo5Ma7 




Spring Creek at 53K - https://forms.gle/zaGpEn3WghDZHjEy8 


Downtown Brooklyn at 369K – https://forms.gle/2NCsAD6W3qbNt6cW8 


Crown Heights at 396K – https://forms.gle/y4qaQbHnnVTfTvEG9 




North Shore area at 373R - https://forms.gle/8wMkrDY5yBQgpH1EA 


Space is limited - Sign up today. Can't wait to see you there!