Daily Health Screening
PS 372 -The Children's School

Good morning, 


The Daily Health Screening is mandatory for all students and staff entering a Department of Education building. Please take your child's temperature and complete the health screening daily. Please also make certain to follow the NYS Travel Advisory, especially if you traveled to another state at any time. 


Daily Health Screening. CLICK HERE

Please be prepared to show your child's Health Screening when asked.  


Review Travel Advisory Here


Tue, Jan 19 6:35am

Wed, Jan 20 6:35am

Thu, Jan 21 6:35am

Fri, Jan 22 6:35am

Mon, Jan 25 6:35am

Tue, Jan 26 6:35am

Wed, Jan 27 6:35am

Thu, Jan 28 6:35am

Fri, Jan 29 6:35am

Mon, Feb 1 6:35am

Tue, Feb 2 6:35am

Wed, Feb 3 6:35am

Thu, Feb 4 6:35am

Fri, Feb 5 6:35am

Mon, Feb 8 6:35am

Tue, Feb 9 6:35am

Wed, Feb 10 6:35am

Thu, Feb 11 6:35am

Mon, Feb 22 6:35am

Tue, Feb 23 6:35am

Wed, Feb 24 6:35am

Thu, Feb 25 6:35am

Fri, Feb 26 6:35am