Dance Update: New Hip Hop Class/ Google Classroom/ Ballet
Mon, Apr 27 1:45pm

Hello, all students and families! 


I'm so happy to see you all in morning meetings, ballet club, google classroom, and flipgrid.  Although we are not physically together we are still united as a school community. Each week I have posted lessons that include warm-ups, videos, readings, & choreography tasks. I love the videos students and families post while having fun dancing together. 


1. New Hip Hop Class

Upper-grade Hip-Hop Class Thursday @ 1:00 PM 

All students are welcome to join!

Hip Hop:


2. Google Classroom

I wanted to check-in and make sure all students have access to google classroom.  Most students have already signed up, but just in case you need to codes again, here you go!

Pre-K & 2nd Grade students are welcomed to Google Classroom and post videos as well!


Google Classroom Codes

K- 7g4haul

1- h4v2s3a

3- 7vf72ar

4- ubj2ocq

5- o7hx2d6



3. Ballet Club

Please join me every Monday at 12 for the Ballet Club. This club is designed for 3-4th grade, but all are welcome and supported. 


Ballet Club

Monday @ 12

If you have any questions or just want to say Hi! please email me! 
If you have any request or dance principals you have questions about please email me!!! 
Miss you all! 
Ms. Gabrielle