Digital Equity Family Questionnaire
Mon, Nov 29 8:10am

The New York State Education Department is requiring all school districts, including the New York City Department of Education, to collect information from families about students’ access to devices and the internet for the 2021-22 school year. To make this as easy as possible for families, the DOE has added a Digital Equity Family Questionnaire to the NYC Schools Account Parent Portal(Open external link) where you can provide answers to the questions for each of your students in grades kindergarten to 12.


The Questionnaire has nine questions and is easy to fill out in your NYC Schools Account. Your answers will be used to: 

  • help identify school and district needs, 
  • target resources and funding opportunities, and 
  • to inform state policy and legislative initiatives.


Please find attached the following:


  1. Family Letter (English and Spanish)
  2. Digital Equity Family Questionnaire (English and Spanish)


Thank you