Diversity Committee meeting Thursday March 1, 6PM. Childcare provided.
Fri, Feb 23 6:49pm
PS 372 -The Children's School

Everyone is invited to the next Diversity Committee meeting on Thursday March 1, 6pm at the Pacific Library (on 4th Avenue and Pacific Street).  Childcare will be provided.


The PS 372 Diversity Committee works to make our school a more inclusive and welcoming environment for students and families from all economic, racial, ethnic, national and religious backgrounds.  PS 372 is part of the city wide Diversity in Admissions program which sets aside a certain percentage of incoming Kindergarten seats for families who qualify for Free and Reduced price lunch or are English Language Learners.  The committee has been working hard to increase the number of families who apply to our school who qualify for this program.


At our next meeting we'll be discussing what we want and can commit to taking on for the rest of the year.  For this discussion, we want to include as many people as possible to figure what we can do to make our school a truly diverse and inclusive environment for families and students.  To make this happen, we need all hands on deck to think and work together to improve, change and implement policies for things like:

How to communicate with parents about fees for supplies, trips, holiday gifts, etc.
Translation of school communications
Culturally sensitive curriculum
How punishment is handled (Using approaches like restorative justice)
How fundraising is thought about
The cost of after school & enrichment classes
How free breakfast is integrated into the day
How school lunch is handled
We can also think about whether we want/can do things like:

Invite trainers in to lead cultural sensitivity and anti-racism trainings for parents and staff
Hold educational events (movies, talks, etc) on the topic of integration, racism, etc

We will also be figuring out who will be taking on leadership of the committee for next year.
Please come and join us if you can!  Refreshments will be provided.  We will also be meeting in March after drop off in the cafeteria if you can't make it to this meeting.
Please RSVP to Michele by responding to this announcement. 
Thank you!