Diversity committee Kindergarten outreach meeting Thursday, 11/9 at 8:20AM - all are welcome!
Tue, Nov 7 10:41pm
PS 372 -The Children's School

The Children's School is part of a citywide pilot program which aims to increase diversity in selected NYC schools.  The targeted schools including ours, do not reflect the diversity of the city and of our school district.  The program works through the admissions process by setting aside a certain percentage of Kindergarten seats for families who qualify for FRL (free and reduced price lunch) and/or are English language learners.  The diversity committee of the SLT coordinates outreach to under represented communities in Gowanus, Sunset Park, Red Hook and Kensington to inform them about our school. 


Please join us on Thursday morning after drop off in the cafeteria to help with our outreach effort.  We will be discussing: 

1. Update on our Gowanus children's concert and possible concert in Sunset Park
2. updating our flyer and brochure & translating into bengali
3. reaching out to BNS and PS 133 to collaborate with them on outreach efforts
4. forming outreach teams to reach out to Pre-Ks and local non-profits in the neighborhoods of Sunset Park, Gowanus, Red Hook and Kensington