Drumroll Please.... Readathon Winners
Fri, Mar 10 10:41am

Congratulations to all students who participated and to those who have won prizes!


Today, we have sent badges and prizes up to classrooms, so you should see them soon. 


  • Every student that participated in the Readathon will receive an envelope with the badges they have won, bookmarks for 1,000 minutes and the top minute reader in each class went home with a special golden badge.
  • The class(es) in each grade with the highest participation will have a new Readathon pencil for every student.


Congratulations to the students who won a prize raffle in one of the minute brackets, and will get a gift certificate to our partner, The Community Bookstore:


2,500 minutes –  Ada Martin, 1-1

1,000 minutes -- Raffaella Tamman, 4-2

500 minutes --  Jaeger Morgan, 2-1

250 minutes --  Luca Albanese, 4-3

125 minutes --  Ryu Karian, 3-3

Participation – Eliana Hernandez, PreK2 


Adelphi Winner (372 Water Bottle): Ethan McKenzie, Y24 

Most Minutes Read (Brand New Sunset Hat) --  Kabir Thadani, 3-1


Three classes with 100% participation have won a pizza party! We will be contacting the teachers in 2-2, 3-1 and 3-2 to work out the details of what date works best.


Thank you also to all families who bought books from The Community Bookstore for our library and for your home libraries.  We raised over $300 for the PTA and added some great new titles to our library. 


We also have more than $20, 000 in pledges.  Look out for invoices if you pledged per minute and please pay promptly. 


Happy Reading!  — Readathon Committee