End of Readathon Update
Fri, Mar 9 12:44pm
PS 372 -The Children's School

Hello PS 372 Families,

Thank you for for your tremendous support of our 2nd Annual Readathon. This year, the event raised over $15,000! (Though the event is over, we will continue to accept donations.) 20% of that will go to buy new books for the libraries at both sites.  The rest will go toward other PTA funded programs such as One School, One Book, Responsive Classroom training for teachers, opera, chess, studios, lunch clubs, etc. 


We  couldn't pull this month-long event off without the support of the teachers and administration and we want to say a big thank you to them. We also thank all of the families who brought in sponsors and donations and to the students who logged their reading and then turned in their logs for Tally Day. A big congratulations goes to classes 1-1 and 2-1 both of whom had 100% participation!


Here are the final totals of participation by class. As a reminder, each student in the class in each grade with the highest participation  will receive a special Readathon bookmark and pencil and will also help Ms. Aida and Ms. Grace choose book titles for the school library. Additionally, each student who reached a milestone minute will be entered into a drawing to win a gift certificate to Community Bookstore. 


PreK 1- 50%

PreK 2- 50%


K-1 - 64%

K-2 - 56%

K-3 - 72%


1-1 - 100%!

1-2 - 64%

1-3 - 61%


2-1 - 100%!

2-2 - 60%

2-3 - 88%


3-1 - 72%

3-2 - 84%

3-3 - 79%


4-1 - 55%

4-2 - 74$

4-3 - 43%


5-1 - 17%

5-2 - 18%

5-3 - 57%


Finally, thank you to everybody who helped on both of our Tally Days. Please remember to show appreciation to members of the Readathon Committee--Michelle Dobson, Merideth Finn-Beers, Timothy Baker, Lori Richmond, Liza Gouger and Jessica Miksis-- for all of their hard work organizing the 2018 Readathon.