Free High Quality Masks for Students
Sat, Jan 15 9:17pm



A group of parents has arranged for a bulk supply of KF94 masks to be available for students who don't already have them but would like to.  These masks are now recommended instead of cloth or surgical masks because omicron is so much more transmissible than other coronavirus variants.


They are disposable masks that can be reused up to 5 times if they are not soiled or damaged (stored in a plain paper bag between uses).


If you would like to request some masks, please email


Masks will be provided free to families. Most are size S, which may be too small for older kids, so please let us know if an Adult sized mask might work better (We are also working on getting some M sizes, too) 


The number of masks that can be sent home per student  at first will be determined by interest. If you would like to contribute to this informal project, please let me know.

Sarah, mom to Teagan (4-2) and Smith (2-2)


For reference, below is a comparison of the number of airborne aerosols various mask types can filter in laboratory testing.