GoFundMe for Ms. Vanessa Burkett
Sun, Apr 19 1:27pm

GoFundMe for Ms. Vanessa Burkett

As many of you know, The Children’s School community lost one of it’s beloved members on April 17th, 2020 due to complications associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Ms. Vanessa was an AMAZING presence at our school, spreading happiness and kindness everywhere she went. She was a dedicated educator, but more importantly a loving person who devoted her life to helping others. 

In honor of her memory and to help support her family, we have started a GoFundMe page. We understand everyone is going through their own difficulties with the current pandemic and are thankful for any support you may be able to provide. 

GoFundMe link below


If you would like to send a card, letter or any type of sympathy message to Ms. Vanessa’s family please email us for her family’s address: president@ps372pta.org

If you or your children need any support during this time, please email Rosa Amato rosa.amato@ps372.net and she will connect you with a bereavement counselor. 

Sincerely, Michelle Dobson & Liza Gouger

Co-Presidents of The PTA of PS 372

 As an additional resource, below are some books that explore and discuss with kids the ideas of love, death, and connections.

 The Invisible String - Patrice Karst - connections with those you love stretch over any distance, including to heaven.

 Lifetimes: The beautiful way to explain death to children - Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen - Moving book that talks about beginnings, and endings, and the living that happens in between.

 Tear Soup: A recipe for healing after loss - Pat Schwiebert & Chuck DeKlyen - a story about loss and grieving, includes “soup cooking tips” for friends, children, etc.

“Alone we can do so little; TOGETHER we can do so much.”   

- Helen Keller