Good Morning Parents!
Tue, May 5 8:10am

I hope this finds you well.  These are trying times, but together we can do this.  Teachers are working hard with your kiddos and I know that you have all become teachers during this "Stay at Home" time.  This is not easy.  If you need resources join Ms. Yvette during her Morning Cup of Coffee or Afternoon Tea Time.  Invites are sent to you via Konstella. 


Our Student Council has created  Remote Spirit Month ideas that we hope you can have the children participate in.  These are fun ideas that help all of us stay connected in a silly way. 

May 6th is Dress as your Spirit Animal or Share your Pet during your classroom meet time.

May 13th is Crazy Sock Day

May 22nd is Fancy Friday

May 27th is Show School Spirit by wearing a TCS hat, shirt, sweatshirt, etc. 


Also, we created a TCS Poster (attached here).  If you have a printer at home, have your kiddo decorate the poster.  Once decorated, display the poster in our front window for all to see.  We'd love a photo of it too.  Photos can be sent to me at  If you can't print, no worries, just have you little one(s) create a poster of their liking and send that to us.  Make sure to display it in your front window.  


I do hope to see you all soon. I miss you all.   

Ms. Rosa