Guggenheim for All: Neurodivergent, Artist-Led Virtual Program
Wed, Apr 19 7:58am
The Guggenheim for ALL program is hosting a virtual family program led by neurodivergent artists. This program will be held on April 22nd 2023, 1pm - 2pm EST and will feature artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira. You can find out more and register for this event HERE.
FREE for families of students in D75 and NYC Public Schools

This unique program features artist Jeremy Sicile-Kira in conversation with a Guggenheim for All educator. They will discuss Jeremy’s artwork, process, and how he uses his practice to communicate his dreams.

Jeremy Sicile-Kira is an award-winning autistic artist (Augmentative and alternative communication user) based in San Diego. Jeremy uses his synesthesia (Jeremy sees letters, words, numbers, emotions, and music in color) to create colorful, layered abstract paintings that capture the emotion of a specific event, place, person, or experience.

Advocacy is an important part of Jeremy’s life. Jeremy coauthored A Full Life with Autism (St. Martin’s Press, 2012) with Chantal Sicle-Kira, and served as a youth representative to the United Nations for the Autism Research Institute (NGO); as a youth leader for the Autistic Global Initiative, and as a youth advisor to the California Employment Consortium for Youth (CECY); and currently serves on the Spellers Advisory Council for the Teva Community.’

Jeremy’s art was the subject of a short documentary by Aaron Lemle, The Beautiful Colors of Jeremy Sicile-Kira, which recently aired nationally on PBS.