Guidance with new information
Mon, Mar 7 2:40pm

Good morning, 


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  As you know. there has been new guidance released regarding masks, social distancing, etc.   As new guidance continues to be released, I will update you.  Below is a list of current guidance:


  • Masks policy updates:
    • Face coverings are optional for all students in K-12. 
    • PreK students and staff will continue to wear masks on the school building. 
    • Coverings are strongly recommended for all staff and students who know they have been exposed to COVID 19. 
    • Any staff or student in grades K-12 returning on Day 6 following  a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or after having COVID symptoms is required to wear a will fitted mask at all times.  
  • Visitors: 
    • Are required to pass the health screener and be fully vaccinated in order to be in the building.  
    • Substitute teachers and paraprofessionals are considered visitors and must follow the above guidelines.
  • Lunchroom
    • students will return to eating in the lunchroom
  • Breakfast
    • students will begin to each breakfast in the classroom--no longer eating in the hallways
  • COVID testing will continue weekly. 
  • Quarantine will remain 5 days, allowing symptom free students and staff to return on day 6.  anyone who returns on day 6 is required to be masked at all times when in the building and will be required to eat at a separate table. 

More information to come as it is released to us.


Be well, 


Rosa Amato