Halloween Pumpkin Hunt!!
Tue, Oct 27 7:58pm
Announcing the Halloween Pumpkin Hunt!!
Inspired by the Rainbow Map, the Halloween Pumpkin Hunt encourages people to put pictures of pumpkins in their windows and then enter the location on the map. On Halloween, children put on costumes and hit the streets to hunt for pumpkins! Parents will have the map to guide them, and can set whatever age appropriate challenge they want. Find 10 pumpkins! Find green ones! Parents can then reward the kids with a bag of candy. But people in different neighborhoods can also put together prize bags for pick up the week before.
Everything is on the website: www.halloweenpumpkinhunt.com
Even though the Hunt is for the kids, anyone can make a pumpkin and tape it in their window. In fact, the more pumpkins on the map, the safer the activity because there will be more route options.
There are already over 130 pumpkins in Brooklyn, and nearly 500 in England. There are also pumpkins in Philly, Queens, and Washington, D.C. Any neighborhood can do this. The website has the tools you need (templates, address form, map). And there is an Instagram page you can follow as well (@halloweenpumpkinhunt). While this activity won't yield as much candy as trick-or-treating, seeing other kids on the street in costume participating in the same Halloween activity will hopefully provide a little normalcy during a chaotic time.
Thank you to Hannah Berkin Harper (Mom of Talulla 1-1) for sending us this awesome activity!