Help Fund School Technology!
Fri, Jun 18 6:22pm

Technology Fund Drive


Help the PTA buy replacement Chromebooks for PS372 students!


During the last 18 months, our school was able to loan out Chromebooks to students who needed technology to access remote learning. We lent out ALL of our Chromebooks, over 150 computers,  to families who needed them. Due to the extra wear and tear, as well as planned replacement of our oldest computers, we need to buy additional computers for next year. 


The PTA Meeting has approved the additional expenditure from our reserves, but now we're asking for help to replenish the reserves to give us the capacity to handle future similar urgent needs. 


Please donate to fund the purchase of the new PS372 computers and replenish the PTA reserve!


Go to and donate to help the PTA buy new computers for our students.


Thank you all for your donations and support of PS372 students.