Important Information about Chapter 683 Summer Program
Thu, Jun 27 2:13pm
Hello Children's School Families:
If your child is registered to attend our Chapter 683 summer program, here is some important information you will need to know.
Wednesday, July 3 first day of school
Thursday, July 4 - school is closed
Tuesday, August 13 is the last day of Chapter 683
School hours 8:00am to 2:30pm. 
Students will enter through the big schoolyard located on Whitwell Place. Gate will open at 8:00am and close at 8:20am. Starting July 8, the gate will close at 8:15. All students will enter through the main entrance on Carroll Street if the gate is closed. Staff will be in the yard to let you know who your child's teacher is on this day. Bussing information is available to view on your New York City Schools Account (MyStudent) Here is the link, please click on the link and log into your child's account for school bus information.
Dismissal each day will begin at 2:15PM at the gate for all students. 
Please bring on the 1st day a water bottle and snacks. We will be serving school breakfast and lunch however students can bring their own from home. 
Your child's teacher will send home a Welcome Letter introducing themselves and other important information for the summer session including a schedule and letter of introduction.
We look forward to seeing you soon on July 3rd .