Important Reminders About Parking and Pets
Wed, Oct 27 10:24am
Dear Children's School Families and Community:
Hope all is well.
Just a few gently reminders about morning drop-offs
-For parents who drive, there is morning alternate side parking around school on the following days:
Wednesday-1st Street (between 3rd and 4th Avenues), Carroll Street, Denton and Whitwell Place
Thursday-Above 4th Ave on 2nd Street (for families who can park walk from there)
Friday-Whitwell and Denton Place and Carroll Street
-If your child is old enough to be dropped off and wait on the drop-off line by him/herself, paper health screenings can be handed in at the gate. 
For families with pets, please do not bring your pets on the drop-off lines.
Please make every effort to have the dogs across the street from the perimeter of school so that we can keep the drop off and pick-up areas running smoothly and avoid kids and parents tripping over leashes.
For families with bikes, Please do not ride the bike on the sidewalks as our 2nd grade students are lining up with their teachers and our 3rd to 5th grade students are lining up along the fence to enter the big yard.
Daily Health Screenings must be done everyday.   We check every single health screening. Please make every effort to submit a screening before you drop your child off at school.
Thank you for your cooperation.