Just in time for winter break: New podcasts for kids!
Wed, Dec 20 1:00pm
PS 372 -The Children's School

Hi Children's School community! I wanted to spread the word about two brand-new podcasts for kids (and their grown-ups) that we just released from WNYC Studios. They're great for road trips or plane rides, and easy to find -- just go into your podcast app and search for "Pickle" and/or "This Podcast Has Fleas".


"Pickle" is a 5-part series that tackles ethical questions for kids like: Is it ever okay to tattle on someone? Should elephants live in zoos? What's a best friend for? Can we judge the Romans -- or any ancient culture -- using our own norms? Each episode is about 20 minutes, and is truly fun to listen to for both kids and adults. We will also be holding workshops with our host and producers at some schools around the city early next year. If you're an educator, and are interested, shoot me an email. 


"This Podcast Has Fleas" is a 6-part fiction podcast about a dog and a cat who live in the same household but have rival podcasts. It's a hilarious and musical, and has a great cast, including Jay Pharoah as Jones the Cat, Eugene Mirman as Benny the Gerbil, and Alec Baldwin as Mr. Glub the Goldfish. My kids are already addicted to it.


Hope you check them out, and enjoy!


Paula Szuchman