Letter from Ms. Rosa Amato
Tue, Apr 20 9:33am

April 20, 2021


Dear Children’s School families: 


I hope this letter finds you all well. I want to thank you for supporting the school during this new planning phase. As we communicate this letter to you all, changes continue to occur hourly as the DOE and all of the union partners continue to be in discussion.  


 As you know, we have had to adjust each time the Mayor and the Chancellor have made a change that we did not see coming. This month, an announcement was made regarding a change to three feet distancing from six feet distancing for students, the opening of the survey which allowed students to return from Remote learning to Hybrid learning, and the potential of five day per week instruction for any student who is Hybrid.  These are big changes for schools! We have navigated the year in the best possible way that we can, considering the hand that has been dealt.


The new guidance from the Department of Education has resulted in necessary programming changes for our teaching staff and students. Restructuring at this point in the year is not ideal and we know this may cause some unintended stress for our students and their families.  


As we plan for all of these changes, we also need to bring back our teaching staff to accommodate the returning children to balance in person staff and remote staff. This of course will impact our classes as teachers may need to change in order to meet this challenge.  When we make changes to our teaching teams this late in the school year, it is only because we must. We do not wish to add further stress to the families, the children, or our staff. 


The teachers at the Children’s School are amazing pedagogues and while change is difficult, we continue to trust that every one of our teachers and paraprofessionals can enter a new classroom at any point in the school year and be successful with the students, parents, and instruction. 


Teachers, social workers, and guidance counselors are equipped to make certain that the children’s social emotional well-being is at the forefront as we navigate these unprecedented times. If any parent feels that a child needs support or just wishes to talk, we of course will make one of these available.   


We hope to finalize plans within this week. Once we have plans in place, and have heard from our district partners, we can also make ourselves available to anyone who wishes to speak to an admin. 


Please continue to show your support of the teachers and the school as we navigate through the last two months of the school year. 




Rosa Amato,