Letter from Ms. Rosa
Tue, Oct 20 12:15pm

October 20, 2020

Dear Children’s School Community:


There have been many changes to our school community these past eight months. I have never talked about a topic so often as we have spoken about COVID. The start of this school year has been quite unique. We have come together to talk and plan about procedures that have been put in place to keep our children, families, and colleagues safe. The health of our community members is first and foremost; and we will continue to revisit conversations about healthy and safe procedures as we navigate the school year.


Thank you all for making sure that your child is screened at home prior to coming to the school building. Morning screenings and temperature checks are a must for all children and staff prior to entering the building. We will continue to also have staff available to take children’s temperatures and for you to do a paper health screening as an additional option. We ask that no child be left alone and that you allow us the time to check your clearance and take your child’s temperature, daily.


Classrooms look different as well. Students are seated away from one another in order to allow for the six feet of physical distancing and there are few students in each room. Students eat breakfast and lunch at their desks with their teachers in the classroom. Although students cannot share work or be close together when eating, there is a community that has formed in each room. The community has learned to embrace the students from a distance, whether the students are at home full time for remote Learning or attending school two days per week as blended Learners. Neither of these options is optimal but I know that the teachers and educational assistants are working hard in this new way of teaching. Similarly, families are putting their best foot forward while navigating the learning opportunities that are available. Teachers are available daily during office hours from 2:00-2:20 to meet with any parent who is in need of clarification on any aspect of remote or blended learning.  Please take this opportunity to talk about concerns but share successes as well. 


 We prefer to have our kiddos here full time, but this is not an option and may not be for at least the remainder of this school year. In the next day or so you will receive a school survey that asks if you are planning to return to a blended learning option or remain at home for a full remote option. While we are not asking that you make a final decision now, we do ask that you consider responding to this survey as it will help guide us in our next steps. Please note that those that return to blended learning may be placed in a different class as placement will be determined by a number of factors but mainly by the capacity of each classroom. We will notify you of your child’s class placement once we have all of the information we need for planning.


The classrooms tend to be cold due to the ventilation policy which asks that we keep all windows open at all times. Many parents have communicated their frustrations regarding this and we acknowledge how cold the rooms are as our offices are cold too. Some classroom teams request that your child wear or bring a sweater everyday and fingerless gloves are a great option for cold hands. Send in whatever your child/ren needs in order to be comfortable throughout the day.


I have heard from so many of you in the past few weeks. Please remember to reach out to me if the need arises. In the next week or so, you will have the opportunity to check in with me or one of the assistant principals as we host “Parent Office Hours”, providing you the opportunity to join a live chat room with a member of the admin team. More information on this will be forthcoming.


You have heard that within the next few weeks, schools will have random COVID testing done on site. If and when we are selected, I will receive an email notification with the names of the students to be tested. We will notify you if your child is on the list to be tested and no child will be tested without your permission. PreK and Kindergarten are not eligible for testing and we await guidance for our District 75 students.


I look forward to seeing you all at Curriculum Conferences, the PTA meeting and at our Social Emotional Parent to Parent Meeting.


I want to thank you all for your ongoing support and flexibility. We can do this together as long as we stick together.




Rosa Amato

Principal, The Children’s School


Upcoming Dates:

● Curriculum Conferences 10/19/20-10/28/20, 2:00-2:20

● Social Emotional Committee Meeting: Parent to Parent Connections: meet.google.com/fsk-viii-ghf 10/22/20 11:45AM-12:25PM

● SLT Meeting 10/28/2020 (check our website for information)

● Evening PTA Meeting 10/29/2020 (check our website for information)

● Election Day (full remote day, no classes in person): 11/3/2020

● Veteran’s Day (No school) 11/11/2020