Lice Check Reminder: Friday, April 27th
Wed, Apr 18 11:53am
PS 372 -The Children's School

Lice Check Reminder


Dear Parents,


Our next lice check for students is Friday, April 27, 2018. We need PARENT VOLUNTEERS to help out that day! Please sign up (via Konstella) if you can lend a hand:


Why are we checking for lice?

Lice is highly contagious, early detection can stop a school wide outbreak in its tracks! There were numerous cases of lice in the school past years. These checks help keep them from spreading and becoming an infestation.


What happens if my child is found to have lice?

Please arrange for child care on Friday, April 27th and Monday, April 30th (our re-check day) in the event your child does have lice and is sent home. If your child is found to have lice on Friday the 27th, you will have to accompany your child for a re-check on Monday the 30th. If your child is still found to have lice on Monday the 30th, your child will not be permitted to attend class and will be sent home.


If your child is identified as having lice, you will be called to pick up your child so the condition will not spread further.You will be given a handout about what you need to do to thoroughly rid your child's head, your family, and home of lice and their eggs. You can also get information about receiving treatment from one of the lice experts who conduct the head checks.


Having lice is in NO WAY a reflection of the cleanliness of the home, but getting rid of them does require a concerted effort on the part of our whole community.


In the event you discover your child has lice in advance of our school lice check day, here     are some Lice Consultants you can contact who can help you get rid of them:

●      Shayna Brown, 718-851-2844

●      Hair Fairies, 212-719-5222;

●      Abigail Rosenfeld, 718-435-2592

●      Lice Consultants, 718-435-2592,

●      Adie Horowitz, 718-627-5423

●      Licenders, 888-335-0201,

●      Dalya Harel, 718-336-4206




Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



The PTA of PS 372