Look at the difference you've made!
Mon, Jul 8 8:44am
Dear parents and guardians, the PTA, and school staff on the SEL committee:
The counselors want to send a huge thank you to the PTA and all parents/guardians/staff involved in the Cozy Corners & SEL initiatives this past year. Our counseling room has been completely changed and is now incredibly cozy and inviting. We've always been welcoming to kids in crisis as mental health practitioners, but now our space is super welcoming as well. It's like our room is a 5th counselor! 
Here are some pictures of our upgraded office with your donations at work. Many of the things you see were donated this year through PTA/SEL committee initiatives and the PTA mini-grant, including the rotating bookshelf and many of the therapeutic books, sensory toys, bean bag chairs, yoga mats, meditation pillows, breathing buddies, puppets, posters, privacy screens, the list goes on. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Costa, Sara, Gillian, and Grace