Managing Your Work: Reducing Email Volume and Seeing your Work in Calendars - From Mr. Doug
Tue, Mar 31 10:09am
Dear Children's School Families:
This is an email primarily directed at student/parents to help them see the work the students are supposed to do and the meetings they should be at, without having to rely only on the email.
I apologize if some of you of have seen this is in other forms or through other channels. The volume of email, especially from the student standpoint is great so I have to keep hitting a few points to try and get us all on the same page about workflow. This website and accompanying videos shows you 
  • How to turn off notifications in Google Classroom so it does not generate emails for every assignment
  • How to use Google Classroom and the Classroom calendar directly to see what assignments you have
  • How to use Google Calendar (which is in fact different from the calendar in Google Classroom) to see all your Events/Meet/Zoom sessions as well as your assignments.
No way is perfect, not everyone is doing things the same way, not all assignments are being given dates, not every Meet is being setup through the calendar. But we are trying and that is the direction we are moving.
This same email will be going out through the student emails and Konstella.
Mr. Doug