Message about School Closures
Thu, Mar 25 12:38pm
To the Children's School Community:
We are hoping everyone is safe and want to send heartfelt warm wishes to those members in our community who are not feeling well at this time. 
We have received multiple emails from families about the number of in person A/B days being imbalanced as a result of multiple school shutdowns. Thank you for reaching out. We are currently working together to best address this concern and will work in conjunction with the School Leadership Team to come up with a solution as soon as we can. We are committed to keeping you informed as best we can. 
Changes to the A/B schedule are complex as it involves re-routing busses, asking families to change child care plans, adjusting related service schedules, etc. These changes can not be implemented quickly. Lastly, we are not certain yet how the new social distancing guidelines will impact scheduling. 
Please remember that The Children's School Administration does not make the decision to shut down the school building. When we receive news of positive cases, we are required to report this to the Situation Room, a multi-agency partnership between the Department of Education, Department of Health and Mental Health, and the Test & Trace Corps—to facilitate a rapid response to positive COVID-19 cases in public schools. They dictate all closures and openings. Most of the time, we have received closure notices late at night or well after the school day has ended. 
Thank you for your ongoing support, patience, and flexibility  as we navigate these difficult times together.  
Your Administration Team
As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.