Message from Mr. Doug Dugan Tech Teacher - How to Log into your Student's Account
Fri, Mar 20 5:19pm
Dear Children's School Families
All the students in PS372 now have a username and a password.
Something that looks like  with a password like bird0947.
This is their "gmail" account. You do not have to make one for them. You have to use this account to interact with the Google Classroom and all the work the teachers are creating. You cannot join with your personal account.
This is basically like your Gmail account. You can go to and check your student's email. You can go to and see the work the teachers are creating for the students. You can switch between them with the 9 dots in upper right hand corner.  
You can add it to your phone and check it there. If you download the Google Mail, Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet apps you could do the whole thing on your phone, more or less efficiently.
I will send along more complete directions on how to use the tools, but for now I just want to make it clear that you must use the email address the student was given, and you use it exactly like a gmail address, it just ends in not gmail.
Doug Dugan
Technology Teacher