Morning Arrivals -
Thu, May 4 1:02pm

Dear Children's School Families:


We are seeing an increase of students arriving to school late after the doors on Denton and the gate on Whitwell Place have been locked. 

The PreK and Kindergarten doors on Denton and the door and big yard gate on Whitewell Place opens at 8:10am and closes promptly at 8:20am. Students arriving after 8:20 are late and must enter through the main entrance on Carroll Street.


Going forward, if you are a PreK and/or Kindergarten parent and  doors are closed, please make your way to the main entrance where you will sign in your child, they will receive a late pass and you must wait with them outside until a staff member from the PreK and/or Kindergarten building arrives to pick them up to bring them to their classroom.

Students 1st through 5th grade arriving late, you must sign them in and they will receive a late pass and they will head up to their classroom by themselves. 


Please arrive on time so that our students are ready to begin the day with responsive classroom/morning meeting. Responsive classroom/morning meeting happens everyday for each and every student at The Children's School. It helps them get through the course of day when they know what is going on. When students are late it interrupts the flow of the day.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We thank you for your continued support.

Thank you