Morning Drop Off
Fri, Sep 13 1:33pm

As of Monday morning, September 16th we would like to try something new which may alleviate some of the concerns we are having with Con Edison sidewalk parking, on First street. 


We will block off the front of our building with cones from 8:10-8:25.  This is not for parking purposes but rather for an additional drop off option that supports parents who are driving to this extremely busy community.  As always, you may drive up Whitwell Place and valet your child at the gate where you will find school staff to assist. 


If your child is in grades 1-5 and can walk from the corner to the open school yard gates, independently, then this is a great option for  you. 


PreK, K and children who need support should not use this option. 


NYPD has been speaking with parents the past few days regarding the safety concerns that sidewalk parking causes.  Please refrain from parking on the sidewalk.