Morning Drop Off
Mon, Sep 16 9:32am

Good Morning, 


Thank you all very much for following the driver drop off this morning. 


A few things to remember:


1. The cones on Carroll are in place to allow parents to pull up and for students to independently get out of the car and walk down Whitwell Place to the open gates. 

2. Please do not leave your car parked in the coned area.

3. Please remember that the streets are very busy and you must pull into the cones to ensure safety for all community members.

4. Thank you  for you not parking on the sidewalk on First Street.

5. We are trying to valet on Whitwell so please make it as quick and safe as possible if you are using this option. 

Finally, if your child is in K or PreK, the valet option would be difficult to accommodate.  Please try to find a parking spot above 4th Avenue. 


Thank you all, 

Have an amazing day!