Movie Night Thank You & We Need Your Help!
Sun, Apr 30 8:09pm

After the craziness of 2020's shutdown and hybrid schooling, the first 372 community event to come back was Outdoor Movie Night in Fall 2021. 

Planning in-person events was still difficult and came with new hurdles(social distancing!), but out of that challenge Outdoor Movie Night was born! We've since had 7 more Movie Nights, with the latest on Friday hosting almost 150 students, family members and friends enjoying  "Yes Day" together. Thank you to our all-star team for making it happen in the gym.


To keep the momentum of this fun event going, we need some new parents to take over the planning. Key committee members are graduating or taking on different roles after June.  Step up now so we can share all the secrets before summer so you can hit the ground running in the fall and help us keep this super-fun family night going.


Please email with your interest.  We hate to say it, but without some committee reinforcements, we might not be able to keep the shows going!