Mr. Tony's passing
Sat, Sep 26 1:05pm

Dear Community, 


September 26, 2020


Dear Families and Community Members:


Yesterday evening we were informed that Tony Rodriguez, our Building Fireman, passed away from a heart attack while bike riding with his brother. 


We are deeply saddened by this sudden loss and mourn with you all.  Mr. Tony was a dedicated and beloved member of our school community who reminded us that "The Children's School was not just a school but an adventure."  Tony would often be heard singing throughout the hallways of the Children's School and encouraging staff and students to stay positive if they were having a tough day. Tony was a family man. He loved his daughter Heaven and enjoyed speaking with her every morning.  He embraced each member of The Children’s School as he believed we too were his family.  He will be missed tremendously!  Tony is survived by daughter Heaven, two brothers Joey and Victor, two sisters Lissy and Nora, and his mother Rosa.  He is also survived by each and every member of The Children’s School community.  


Our staff will need as much support as we can possibly give them during this difficult time.  On Tuesday morning, we will have grief counselors at school to offer support.  Of course, grief counselors are also available for families and students. 


Tony loved the children and would often be seen engaging with the children, making them smile and laugh.  Our students know Tony well and therefore may be feeling confused and saddened by the news, and they may ask questions about death.  Listening to your child at this critical time is very important. You can help them to express their concerns and feelings.   For younger children, this may be done through drawing pictures, reading books, and talking about their emotions. For older children, it may mean simply taking the time to talk once they are ready to do so.  


If your child or family needs additional assistance,  please email me at for assistance in setting up a time to meet with a counselor.  


We want to do everything we can to support our community during this difficult time.  Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you or your child.  We ask that you join us in keeping the family of Mr. Tony Rodriguez in your thoughts at this time. 



Rosa Amato

Principal, The Children’s School