Thu, Dec 16 9:45am

Good Morning,


There has been a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases in our community.  We know that anxiety levels are high right now with this recent surge and the impending Holiday Break.   The Children's School has had very few sick children, it has mostly been exposures in the home and outside of school. 


Please be mindful that we are receiving notices at all hours of the day and are doing our best to respond in a timely manner.  However, we are working with a system that is currently overwhelmed and information is not being released to us in the timeframes that we would like. 


The protocols are designed to keep our school safe and open so please know that is our intention and it is not our desire to inconvenience you or your family.  We know that partial classroom closures and quarantines are difficult for families to manage.  However, we do not make the rules and cannot make unilateral decisions around any gray areas that is is the role of the Department of Health and Department of Education.  


Please be patient with us as we are often the messengers and working during the evenings while also trying to manage our own family responsibilities.   We will work together to ensure that you are notified of any issues that may arise in your child's classroom.  


Thank you all for your continued cooperation and support.  


Stay Healthy and enjoy this Holiday Season!