New Parent Members of the SLT- Uncontested Election
Sat, Jun 8 3:27pm
PS 372 -The Children's School

The SLT election is uncontested with four people running for the four open spots. Therefore, please welcome the new parent members of the PS 372 SLT for the 2019-2020/2020-2021 school years. : Sumeet Thadani, Cheri Anderson, Matthew Miller and Desiree Detoy.


Their bios are below. 



Sumeet Thadani-

My name is Sumeet Thadani. I am a Software Engineer, and a father of 2 kids at PS-372. I am interested in running for the SLT because I feel I have a perspective on what our children are going to need to succeed when they become adults. For example, I think for their generation, not knowing to program is going to be the equivalent of not knowing to read in ours. I want to help the school think about things like this as we gear our kids up for the future. I have on occasion volunteered at school events (Arts and Science Day, Fund raiser, An Hour of Code), but I think I can contribute more as a member of the SLT.



Cheri Anderson-

My name is Cheri Anderson. I am full-time working parent of a soon-to-be third grader grader at The Children’s School, and a 2017 5th grade Graduate who now attends MS 447.

Over my 9 years at the Children’s School, I have served on the PTA Executive Board for 3 years, been a class parent as well as Co-director of Community/Class Parent Liaisons.  My husband Tom Gaito and I chaired the Annual Valentine’s Day Dance, for 5 years and the 2017 5th grade dance. Four years ago, I became active on the Diversity Committee, which invigorated my passion about our school and its potential.  Additionally, I served on the SLT for the 2015/16-2017/18 term.

Having taken a step back this past year to work on some other things, I have found that I miss being more tied into the school, it's culture and initiatives. To that end I would like to renew my time and energy investment to The Children’s School.  I hope to help hone the school's goals for the future and smartly invest in the present as a member for the School Leadership Team.



Matthew Miller-

My name is Matthew Miller. I'm the dad to 2 current Children's School students (Logan, 4-3; Lola 1-1) and 1 former Children's School student currently thriving in Brooklyn Tech HS (Lucas). I have 25 years of experience in IT and Operations as a Programmer, Business Analyst, and Project Manager in support of Finance and other functions for 3 different organizations, including higher education. I currently work in the NYC DOE Division of Teaching & Learning for the Office of Assessment.  In this position I am involved in planning for the administration of city and state exams, managing the design and scanning of student answer documents, analyzing student data, and special initiatives to incorporate technology into current assessment processes.

In addition to my professional experience, my credentials include an MBA in Finance and Statistics, membership in Beta Gamma Sigma (international honor society of business students), and I serve as the president of my condo board.  Among my strengths are a logical and analytical approach to problem solving, big picture views of situations and organizations, and exposure to NYC DOE operations. In particular, I have a strong understanding of how exams and assessments are administered.  I am an advocate for Special Education and related services and a big supporter of PS 372. During my time as a Children’s School parent, I have enjoyed serving on the SLT for a total of 6 years and would love to return.



Desiree Detoy-

My name is Desiree Detoy. I have two children at PS 372, one in fourth grade and one in kindergarten. In addition to running a successful restaurant, for the past two years I have served on the PTA Executive Board in the role of treasurer. Now that my term on the EB is up, I would like to run for SLT. I am passionate about education and hope that my voice on the SLT will help our school continue to give all of the students the education that best fits their needs.