News About Online Classes & Free Resources From Our Stay & Play Vendors
Mon, Mar 30 7:30pm
Dear Families,
A few of our vendors are offering online classes and free resources for activities to help keep everyone engaged and active... Please take a look!
If you join any classes, please let them know you are a PS 372 family!
I hope to hear from a few more vendors and when I do I will pass along.
Janine DiLorenzo
Stay & Play! Program Director
1) Tri-State Chess
Please see attached flier.
2) CinemaKidz
Please see attached flier.
3) Anthropology Arts (Splat Lab)
They have created packets of free online resources for families called Anthro to Go and Splat At Home. 
Families just need to visit to access free activities. Activities include templates, photos, and full lesson plans to do at home! 
4) ClayWorld
Please Read below:
Clay World has designed online workshops that incorporate multimedia and interactive resources through Youtube videos and Zoom internet group meetings. 

The workshops are to proceed as follows: On the day before class, the students will receive an email with the Youtube lesson url, as well as the Zoom meeting time and meeting address for the upcoming class. Students who can join us through Zoom will meet at the designated class time where they will follow live instruction in a group setting, exchanging ideas and their creations throughout the class. 

The first lesson is on preparing homemade make clay with flour, salt, oil and water (food coloring, optional). Students who do not have access to Zoom may follow the curriculum on their own by watching our Youtube videos. Each student may submit pictures of their creations via email. We will have an art show on the Clay World website (and the PS372 website, if you wish) at the end of the course. 

Our Youtube channel is called Clay World Studio and the url is

You can watch the videos of the first workshop here

Home Made Clay

Making Basic Shapes

The email we will be using to communicate with the students is

Our Zoom meeting address is