PS 372 Moves! There's still time to get out & move!
Fri, Nov 27 3:18pm

PS 372 MOVES!!

Join us for a fun day of movement

We can’t be together, but we can move together!

When: All Day - Friday, November 27th

What: PS 372 Moves

Where: Anywhere! Go to your favorite playground, head to the park or stay long as you’re moving! Pick a fun activity of your choice (running, hula hooping, dancing, scooting, soccer, etc) to do with your family!

Why: A great way to get some exercise in, especially after all that yummy Thanksgiving food!


Tag us on Instagram at #PS372moves OR email pictures to to post on Inclusions & Facebook (permission to post granted by emailing us the photo).

1, 2, 3...Let’s MOVE!!!