PTA Updates, Air Filter Project, & Appeal
Thu, Dec 23 11:55am

PS372 Families — 


As the end of the year approaches, I wanted to share some news. 


Annual Appeal is off to a Good Start

The Annual Appeal has started strongly, raising over $15,000 so far in December, but we need to continue to reach out and ask more families to participate, so the PTA will have funds to cover all of its projects and mini-grants this year while many of our biggest fundraisers remain on pause. Our goal is to increase participation in the Appeal because if we each give a little, we can all support the school a lot. Participation levels are around 15% so far, and I know we can do more. 


Anonymous Grant and Vaccine Referral Program

We have had two unexpected windfalls this Autumn that are helping us cover some of the lost fundraising from missing out on Pizza Friday, again. We have received a grant from an anonymous donor for $10,000, which we were delighted to accept, and the NYC Vaccine Referral program has promised us $100/person who mentions us and gets a vaccine shot or a booster. So far over 100 people have taken advantage of the referral program, bringing us over $10,000, but the program extends for up to 200 referrals, so please spread the word if you know anyone who is considering getting vaccinated or boosted soon.


Air Filter Project

As positive COVID cases fill the news again, I’m sure we are all anxious about the health of our children, our families, and the city and country in general. An idea to improve air quality in the classrooms of our main building was brought to the PTA and SLT, and we’re testing some inexpensive, effective air filters called Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes that can be provided to each classroom that relies on only open windows and DOE air purifiers for air cleaning and ventilation. We’re very excited about building these simple, efficient filters and improving air quality in many of our classrooms.* If you want to learn more about this new filter project, check out our upcoming post on


PTA supports programs for our School

Supporting projects that help the school is one of the main purposes of the PTA, and our resources and funding come from our families and community. Thank you for the support you show, and please consider contributing to fund this and many other projects with the PTA this year. 


You can donate online at You can also reach our donations page by using the QR code below. If you prefer, you can send an envelope with a check or cash to the school, addressed to the PTA Annual Appeal. 


We appreciate any donation that you can share to support our school.

— PTA of The Children’s School


Give to the PTA and support projects and enrichment for our children.