Parent Bios for 2024-2026 School Leadership Positions
Wed, Jun 12 6:29am

There are three positions open for parents to serve on the School Leadership Team, a joint effort between parents and administration that is mandated by New York State law, for the upcoming school year.


Three parents have volunteered for the positions and their bios are below.  They will be voted in at tonight's PTA meeting.  Please register here to attend so you can vote.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Faja Farquharson

My name is Faja Farquharson and I am mom to Jonathan Duncan who is currently completing his second year at The Children's School  -  Adelphi Street Campus.


Our family spent our first year at the school navigating and getting used to all the ins and outs of every school day.  We made it through successfully with the kind help and support of the caring staff at the school. By the end of the school year, I was so grateful for all the support and guidance that we received from the staff that I decided to try and return the favor which led to me attending the Adelphi Site PTA meetings for the 2023-2024 school year.

There I learned and grew to respect and appreciate just how much effort and work goes into creating a warm, supportive, nurturing, and caring environment for the site by the Adelphi PTA members and I would like to see this continue onwards.

I am very interested in running for the School Leadership Team role as the Adelphi Street Parent Representative as I would be honored to be of service to our school and be of assistance in helping to continue to provide a rich experience for our children, staff, and our community at large.


Sarah Lustbader

I am a public defender and lifelong New Yorker. My older child, Gideon, is finishing first grade this year, and my younger child, Ezra, is thrilled to be joining 372 next year in pre-K. I hope to serve on the SLT because I love The Children's School and I have seen how special and how distinct it is from other schools. Immediately upon joining the 372 community, I noticed that the school approached neurodiversity with curiosity and acceptance instead of judgment. This is exactly what I strive for in court each day, hoping to prompt the authorities to seek to understand my clients instead of continuing negative cycles by meting out harsh punishments. Many of my clients have been failed by the city's systems, starting with its education system. I hope to serve on 372's SLT in order to ensure that the children in our community are well served and best positioned to graduate as curious, thoughtful, and compassionate members of their communities.


Katie Stefanski

My name is Katie Stefanski. I am the parent of two Children School students - one in the upcoming second grade and another in the upcoming pre-K classrooms. I’m very interested in running for the SLT because I wish to serve in the school community where my skillsets could be best utilized. I have experience as a public school and experiential teacher and instructional guide and am versed in variety of pedagogical practices and formats. I served two years on the Park Slope Child Care Collective’s board during pandemic times (2020-22) and am dedicated to social justice work at the preschool and elementary levels, having coordinated and participated in DEI events at preschool and workplace levels. I am a sex educator with experience teaching comprehensive lifespan sexual education from kindergarten to adults. I am a mental health therapist with experience teaching affect programming and grief groups for elementary children and their families. I am an ordained interspiritual minister with cultural literacy in world religions and interfaith efforts. With these perspectives and skills, I believe I would be a valuable asset to the inspiring work of the SLT in the upcoming school year and beyond.