Parents as Reading Partners tomorrow, Oct. 7th
Thu, Oct 6 10:02am

We are so excited to welcome our families back to the building. Tomorrow, October 7, 2022, will our first Parents (Families) as Partners. 


At Adelphi Street, we will begin at 9:40am.  Please go to the front of the building at 300 Adelphi Street.  


At Carroll Street we will begin at 8:30am.  Please go to the front of the building at 512 Carroll Street. 


Reminders for both sites: 

1. Students should arrive to school on time by 8:10am.  Please do not have children join the line with you.  Parents are asked to be on the line in the front as early at 8:15am. 

2. PreK and K at Carroll Street: Students go to Denton Street at regular drop off.  Parents will them walk to the front of the building. 

3.  NO Coffee or HOT beverages..... This can be dangerous for our kiddos. 

4.  As per DOE guidelines:    we will check Vaccine Cards (Digital passes are okay) and your picture ID.  ID's must have picture. 


Thank you so much for your cooperation and support.  WE are so excited to have you all returning to the building.