Please Help The PS 372 Auction By Bringing In Donations
Sun, Mar 4 11:54am
PS 372 -The Children's School

Dear Families of The Children School,


We are gearing up for our 2018 Spring Gala & Silent Auction which will be held on Friday, April 27th.


The auction is our school’s largest fundraising event. This fun evening generates 1/3 of the PTA’s total annual budget, which directly funds our classrooms. The PTA has provided money to purchase smart boards, iPads & computers, new sports & occupational therapy equipment, enhance the art and music programs, establish a chess curriculum, and support teachers’ participation in professional development programs. The PTA also raises money to award mini-grants to classroom teachers and specialists for classroom materials.


What can we all do now?

Everyone in our school community can help source the wide range of donations we need to make our 2018 Spring Auction a success.


The kind of items that generate bids are restaurant gift certificates, event tickets, annual memberships, gift certificates for retail stores, new brand name retail items (e.g. purses, jewelry, gift items), spa services or other “experiences,” like cooking lessons, a weekend away at a seasonal home or a week at a local summer camp.


Donations to our auction are tax deductible for the businesses who contribute. It’s easy to give & it’s also good advertising for participating donors.


How do I get a donation?

Use (and make copies!) of our attached donation forms! We’ll have a basket of extra copies available in the PTA office. Or send potential donors to this link on our school website to fill out the form online & automatically receive their tax deduction information:


What do I do next?

You got a donation for the Auction (Hooray!) Please send the auction committee an email with details so we can keep track. The auction committee is here to answer your questions, so send those to


Want to join the auction committee? Great, because we need you! Sign up for our committee using Konstella or email us at!


Thank you for your help,

The Auction Committee