READ-A-THON MID-MONTH TALLY DAY! Hooray for Class 3-1!
Tue, Feb 16 2:09pm




Go Class 3-1!

As you can see by the above class participation graph, class 3-1 is already at 100% participation! Class 3-2 is not far behind and Class 1-1 has over 75% of students participating!

As of 2:00 today, our students from both sites have read 91,781 Total Minutes. That's a lot of great reading!

Also very exciting is that our families have raised over $11,000 for our school so far, and it is only Day 16 of our Read-a-thon event!

Thank you so much to everyone who is participating and remember it is not too late to sign up and get reading today. Our read-a-thon continues for the whole month of February. Go to now to register your student and get started!

--Team Read-a-thon