Readathon Mid-Month Tally Day- & Class Participation Percentages
Thu, Feb 15 11:05am
PS 372 -The Children's School

The Readathon Committee would like to extend a big thank you to our community for a very successful mid-month Tally Day. Thank you to families for tallying minutes and returning reading logs, to teachers for spreading the word and enthusiasm, and especially to our Tally Day volunteers who worked hard all morning tallying reading log minutes, recording data, and distributing buttons. Please remind kids to keep reading and logging those minutes especially over vacation! And please remind them to ask friends and families to sponsor them for all of their hard work.

Below are the class participation percentages as of yesterday (this basically means the number of students who turned in their reading logs from each class for Tally Day). Students in the class in each grade with the highest percentage at the end of the month will receive a special prize. 
PreK 1= 33%
PreK2= 44%
K-1= 56%
K-2= 44%
K-3= 60%
1-1= 83%
1-2= 44%
1-3= 32%
2-1= 72%
2-2= 44%
2-3= 62%
3-1= 56%
3-2= 72%
3-3= 75%
4-1= 50%
4-2= 70%
4-3= 35%
5-1= 17%
5-2= 9%
5-3= 48%