Readathon Sponsorships
Wed, Feb 27 2:23pm
PS 372 -The Children's School


The Readathon is one of the PTA’s four main fundraising initiatives (along with the Auction/Gala, the Annual Appeal and Pizza Friday). If we are able to reach our fundraising goals in each of these four efforts, then we will be able to continue next year to have free admission to our events and free Lice Checks while funding programs such as Studios and Lunch Clubs, grade-wide enrichments like chess, opera and ballroom dance, and providing teachers with mini-grants to enhance their classroom supplies.


No fundraising is required for participation in the Readathon nor is it necessary to raise money in order to qualify for any of the milestone minute drawings or prizes. However, for those who are able to reach out for sponsors, a little from many goes a long way. Our fundraising goal for the Readathon is $16,000. We can achieve this goal if everybody who is able (and this is a great thing for kids to do too!) reaches out to a few family friends, co-workers, and family members to see if they will support our children’s love of reading by sponsoring them in the Readathon.


Thank you!

Team Readathon