Reopening School Buildings
Mon, Nov 30 11:51am

November 30th, 2020


Good morning Children's School Families:


We hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. As you may have heard this weekend, the mayor announced a return to school plan. This will include students now transitioning out of remote learning and into blended learning. The opt-into blended learning window closed on November 15th and we do not know if another window will be offered, we will keep you posted. At this current time, we are not in a red or orange zone. 


December 7th: return for all preK-5th grade students in blended learning at Carroll Street. Carroll Street will remain on an A/B schedule and can not accommodate a 5 day/week option at this time. (This is a B Day)


December 14th: return for all students in blended learning at Adelphi Street (we are in discussion with the NYC Department of Education regarding the possibility of a 5 day a week return for families who opted their students into blended learning). (This is an in person learning day.)

Check your NYC Schools account for bussing updates. If you have a bussing concern, please email:


Continue to check the NYC DOE website for updates:



As noted in the Chancellor's letter (attached in English. Translations forthcoming), all students returning into blended learning as well as new students in blended learning must have a consent for COVID-19 testing on file in order to return. Pre-K and K students do not need to submit a consent as this only affects grades 1-12 in both programs. Please go to your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) at

Even if you have already submitted consent, we ask that you do so again to ensure we have the latests consent form on file prior to their start date. Exemptions will be granted in certain limited cases.


Please go to: for more information.


***If you filled out the survey by November 15th to return to the building from remote learning and did not already receive a confirmation email from Frank, please respond as soon as possible by forwarding your email confirmation provided to you by the city to:  


If you have been participating in blended learning and are returning to blended learning, no action is needed except for resubmitting your consent for testing. As always, you may switch from blended learning to remote at any time. 


We have created an email for Return to School communication, please use this for communication about consent, returning to blended learning confirmation email or NYCSA accounts. Please reach out for support if needed.


As always, please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.



The Administration Team