Roots & Community - Thank You for a WONDERFUL evening!
Tue, Apr 27 3:40pm

Even though we could not be in person at one of our favorite events, a great time was had by all at our virtual Roots & Community night!

A huge THANK YOU to the

Diversity, Equity & Inclusions SLT Subcommittee:

    Cheri Anderson, Alexis Goldberg, Marina Pavlutskaya & Aida Velez Minsky

A tremendous THANK YOU to our presenters:

Alain Alexander, Laura Allen, Angela Chew, Ellen Correia Golay, Khadejar Dimson, Ben Krull, Liza Gouger, Seema Gupta-Hyder,  Cynthia Lawson Jeramillo, Reina Nakagawa & Brenda Schachter.

Big Shout Out & THANK YOU to those who helped

Survey: Tatum Strum &

Design the program: Cynthia Lawson Jeramillo

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the families that participated in the event!

And last but very much not least, THANK YOU to our beloved AP Frank Ammirata! You are such an integral part of our school and have brought much light and happiness during such a tough year!