Roots and Community Thank You
Wed, Oct 25 12:56pm
PS 372 -The Children's School

Dear Children's School families and staff,

The Roots and Community celebration was such a great event and was so much fun!  I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to the big group of parents and staff who were so willing to put their hearts, minds and caring into making this event the huge success that it was.  I think that this event also helped to strengthen the Children's School ethic of respect and kindness through the celebration and inclusion of every person, identity and culture.  

I'm excited to announce that the Roots and Community event raised $432 from lemonade and juice sales that we will donate to the Hispanic Federation to aid those impacted by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico!!  Thanks everyone for making that donation possible.

THANK YOU to the following people for making this event great:

Tony and Joey, our maintenance staff who were, as always AMAZINGLY helpful, knowledgeable, capable and willing to do whatever it took to have everything look and function perfectly for the event and to leave the space looking clean and beautiful afterwards;

Each person who showed important parts of themselves by hosting a cultural table!  They did this with incredible creativity and hard work to bring food, games, traditional clothing, decorations, and book created tables that were beautiful, delicious, entertaining and educational!!

All the people who put creativity, time, energy & money into cooking or buying food and drinks to bring to our Potluck;

Everyone who volunteered to help set up, paint the signs for the cultural tables and the banner, sell lemonade, and sit at the entry table and were hugely helpful in making the evening go well;

Sandi Stratton-Gonzales who organized all the amazing entertainment.

Doug Dugan who organized and ran the sound system for the entertainment.

Our fabulous, fun and gorgeous entertainers:

Anne Murphy and her Irish music trio (with special guest Sandi teaching the Virginia Reel!)

Linda Walker and her amazing reggae band

Rafael Gomez and Beth Kapocias who danced the hustle

Madeline Solomon and Family's Klezmer music band

The crew who worked so hard on very short notice to pull off the planning of this event including: Rafael Gomez Luna who recruited tirelessly, kept in touch with key players and still managed to dance the hustle; Lisa Chamberlain who filled in the gaps whenever needed, Eunice Beck who showed her calm organizing abilities, Nicole Krieger for carefully designing the big program posted by the front door, Madeline Solomon who said she didn't have time and then created the beautiful flag sheets that the children had so much fun filling out and taking around to the cultural tables, ordered the world buttons and designed and initiated the early morning handing out of the world fidget spinner flyers, and finally, the 24/7 PTA presidents Merideth Finn-Beers and Jessica Miksis  who answered the many hundreds of questions that came their way and provided almost constant technical assistance including making flyers and posters, creating e-blasts and finally making sure that we had someone selling lemonade to raise money for Puerto Rico.

And finally thanks to everyone who came and learned and had fun!