Fri, Feb 17 11:59am

Dear School Community,


I am planning for "The Basquiat Project"

The Basquiat Project was taught in 50 Brooklyn middle and high schools from April to June of 2021. The 1,400 students studied various Basquiat works, learning how art can both serve as a vehicle for communication and to facilitate societal change. Basquiat is widely recognized for popularizing black heritage in art and used his artwork as a creative outlet to explore himself and provide social commentary on the world around him – mostly on societal inequalities.

Upon completion 7 student art works will be selected and submitted to hopefully be chosen and dispayed for one year at Barclay Center.


This year this project has been extended to Elementary schools and I'm going to have our 5th grade students participate. What I am asking for is your Sunday New York times. Once you are ready to recycle it, please recycle it to me. I'am asking for the times because it's news specific and since this projects calls for specific issues, I think the times is the most focused periodical.

Please drop off your paper to Me at the gate on Thursday or any day, I will leave a bag by the gate .

Thank you So so much.