Fri, Oct 8 1:38pm


To The Children's School Community: 

As you may know, the city has imposed a vaccine mandate for all school staff working in school buildings effective 10/4/21. This has resulted in a shortage of classroom staff that has impacted the city, including both of our sites at the Children's School. In addition, medical accommodations are still being granted to some staff members who qualify as well. 
While we have had a limited number of staff from Central Offices sent to support the classroom staff, we were told that the duties these staff members can perform is limited.
We are sharing this information with you so that you are aware of these issues in case your classroom schedules and staff may need to shift on occasions to continue to ensure student safety. We continue to ask for your flexibility. On the school level, we have nominated many teachers and paraprofessionals to take on substitute positions but this process can be slow. We have also requested substitutes through our central system, though most requests have gone unfulfilled. 
Please note that it is against the law for us to share personal information about anyone and can not answer any specific questions about individuals but happy to answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability. 
Thank you for your patience.