Screeners Parent Letter
Mon, Nov 22 12:33pm

November 22, 2021


Dear Children’s School Families:


As you know, we recently administered Acadience and MAP Growth screeners to students for the beginning of the year. Today we will be sending home the MAP Growth results. Most families will see one data point, as this is the first time we have administered these screeners therefore “no growth data to show” will appear on the report. These will measure growth over time.


We administered:

  • Acadience ELA: Grades K-2
  • MAP Growth ELA: Grades 3-5
  • MAP Growth: Math K-5


*The SEL Screener is on a separate timeline and will be completed by December 3rd


Due to screener programming issues specific to our two districts, The Children’s School was unable to administer all screeners during the full assessment window. Some students could not complete the assessment. We will use the results to support small instructional groups of students in addition to our ongoing literacy and math assessments connected with our curricula.


Our next assessment windows for these screeners are:

  • January 10-February 11
  • May 9th - June 3

Thank you,

The Children’s School Administration