Sign up to Build Air Filters for our Classrooms
Wed, Jan 19 2:30pm - Sat, Jan 22 4:00pm
PS 372 -The Children's School

If you are interested in helping to build some of the Corsi-Rosenthal air filter boxes, we are planning two build dates. We’re asking interested parents, family members, and teachers to join us and help (all volunteers will need to be vaccinated and masked, since assembly will take place inside the school building). Sign-up slots are listed below. We will be working in the kitchen beside the Gym, please enter via 512 Carroll Street. 


Why are we building them?

An idea to improve air quality in our classrooms was brought to the PTA and SLT. It is an inexpensive, effective air filter called a Corsi-Rosenthal (CR) box that can be provided to each classroom to improve air cleaning and air circulation. They are inexpensive because they are designed from off-the-shelf parts and assembled by volunteers. We’re very excited about building these simple, efficient filters and improving air quality in all of our classrooms.


Tests have shown that the clean air provided by the Corsi-Rosenthal boxes is high volume and effective at eliminating the tiny aerosol particles that carry the virus. Based on the average size of our classrooms, these filters will provide approximately 3 Air-Changes/Hour (ACH) which will be a valuable improvement for students and teachers in the room. 


How can you help?

While each CR box is individually not very expensive, we are planning to build a total of 48 CR boxes to cover classrooms, the cafeterias, and other spaces occupied by many people throughout the day. The PTA needs help from people who can help build the air-filter boxes, and from people willing to fund the purchase of the necessary supplies for the boxes. Anyway that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. 



Filter-box assembly Signed Up: 7 / 10

Wed, Jan 19 2:30pm-4:30pm
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Filter-box assembly Signed Up: 10 / 10

Sat, Jan 22 1:00pm-4:00pm