Special Election to Fill Open Parent Seat on SLT
Mon, Jan 10 2:30pm



Special Election to Fill Open Parent Seat


The Children’s School is currently seeking candidates to run for 1 (one) parent seat on the School Leadership Team. A parent has stepped down from their position on the SLT for personal reasons, and we are holding a special election to fill the remainder of their two-year term (ends June 2023). 



What is the SLT? 

The SLT is comprised of Children’s School administrators, teachers, and parents who meet once monthly. This group works collaboratively to develop the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan for the year and ensure it is aligned with the school’s budget. Additionally, the SLT assists in evaluating and assessing the school’s educational programs and provides a forum to address issues specific to the school community, such as diversity, safety, expansion, social emotional community building and parent-teacher communications. For more on the Children’s School SLT, please go to the inclusions website:  http://inclusions.org/the-school-leadership-team-slt/ 

The SLT provides an excellent forum for committed parents to make a valuable contribution to our school. Members of the SLT consist of equal numbers of parent and teacher representatives. These members include DOE mandatory positions: 1) our school’s principal 2) The PTA president(s) and 3) a UFT representative. In addition, there are elected positions determined by each constituent group. The PTA holds elections for parent representatives. Each term is a two-year commitment and participation requires time, dedication, creativity and hard work.

How do I run for the open parent seat for the 2021-23 term? 

  • Please submit a short bio (about 5-7 sentences capturing your related experiences, and why you would like to serve on the SLT: "My name is…I am a…I am very interested in running for the SLT because…”)
  • The deadline for bio submissions is Tuesday, January 18th. 
  • Send bios to president@ps372pta.org 

The election for these SLT positions will take place at the next general PTA meeting on Thursday, January 20th at 6:30pm (link to be sent, watch Konstella for details).